Environmental Analysis and Landscape Mapping

Master of Science in “Landscape Architecture. Land Landscape Heritage”

The course on “Environmental Analysis and Landscape Mapping” is held at the second year of the Master of Science degree in “Landscape Architecture. Land Landscape Heritage”.

The timetable for the course is:

  • Lectures: Monday 9:15 am – 11:15am


Politecnico di Milano promotes a policy of support and direction of innovative teaching which provides economic support for courses that have among their objectives the enhancement of soft skills and transversal skills in collaboration with companies or research institutions and institutions.

  • Cfu Credits: 4.00


General aims of the innovative teaching program are:

  • Promote “active learning”
  • “Project based” didactic, based on the study of a real problem
  • Give more responsibility to students, ease cooperation between classmates and the relation with the teacher
  • planning and giving lectures in cooperation with companies, research institutions and authorities
  • provide cross-fertilization between the world of research and the world of didactic and teaching
  • close contact with state-of-the-art in research
  • stimulate students in going deeper with class topics

In this context, the course “Environmental Analysis and Landscape Mapping” is aimed at providing students with technical skills in the management of complex territorial data and in the construction of maps derived from different databases and available data sources.

The aim of the course goes beyond the ability to manage GIS tools, and aims to offer students the technical and cultural tools to move independently in the management of spatial data and to give students the aptitude to build original description useful for the reading, the design and the management of the landscapes, with attention both to the morphology, to the environment and to the historical land heritage.

For this reason, the Mapping and Urban Data Lab of the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies is actively involved in the course and specific collaborations with other research institutions, such as the CNR Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment IREA and the CNR · Institute of Atmospheric Pollution have been organized.

The Mapping and Urban Data Lab – MAUD is an experimental laboratory that focuses scientific, technical and methodological skills for the analysis of statistical data, the production of cartography and other visualization forms of urban and territorial studies. MAUD supports the Department’s studies and research and manages, processes and maps the urban transformations starting from the existing data. A particular attention is dedicated to settlements characteristics, socio-demographic and environmental aspect.


  • Previtali Mattia

Ricercatore legge 240/10 – t.det. a tempo pieno (ICAR/06 – Topografia E Cartografia)- Department of Architecture, Built environment and Construction engineering (DABC)

E-mail: mattia.previtali@polimi.it

Phone: 8767

Address: Via G. Previati 1/c Ufficio D2.1

  • Manfredini Fabio

Mapping and Urban Data Lab – Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU)

E-mail: fabio.manfredini@polimi.it

Phone: +39 0223995518

Address: Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 26 – Milan

  • Luigi Carboni

Research Fellow and Urban Planner – Mapping and Urban Data Lab – Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU)

E-mail: luigi.carboni@polimi.it

Address: Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 26 – Milan