Tutorial 1

Thematic mapping with Qgis

In the following tutorial QGIS basic operations are introduced while explaining the main tools of the program. Data from the Lombardy Geoportale are selected in order to create a series of thematic maps, which can help to explore and become familiar with the sw. The datasets used contain information of the Lombardy Region, such as administrative boundaries, Municipalities, Mountain Communities and Census tracts data.

As a final result, a map of the Number of Empty Houses in the Bergamo Province is produced. Particular attention is given to the layer symbology as essential to use a GIS correctly and generate maps and information that people will be able to use.

The goals for this tutorial: 

•To learn about the structure of vector data, and how to load vector datasets into a map

•To be able to modify the symbology for the vector layers.

•To explore the attribute data of an object

•To learn how to classify vector data.

•To apply useful labels to a layer.

•To learn how to add Google satellite maps as a base.

•To use the tool print layout to create and export a map.